Jersey Relief - Massage by Andrea
"Alternative medicine is the original medicine."

Swedish Massage - Ultimate Relaxation

The Ultimate Relaxation experience consists of Swedish massage techniques. The use of slow, smooth, and long gliding strokes, with light to medium pressure, gives you the ultimate relaxation experience. Some wonderful benefits of getting a Swedish Relaxation Massage, are but not limited to, relief of sore muscles or overworked muscles. It can help aid in reducing levels of insulin and cortisol. Improves blood circulation, which can help lower blood pressure and improve body functions. And it can reduce stress. Stress itself can lead to so many problems mentally, physically, and spiritually. Stress can cause weight problems, lack of sleep, heart problems, irritability, and other health issues. Everyone can benefit from this ultimate relaxation experience.


45-min/$70 (excludes: scalp, face, feet)

60-min/$90 (Full Body)

75-min/$110 (Full Body)

90-min/$130 (Full Body)


Aromatherapy/Essential oils - $10 each, or a combo - $15

Bio-Freeze - $5

Ultimate Relaxation Swedish