Jersey Relief - Massage by Andrea
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Jersey Relief Massage is Temporarily Closed 

April 2021 Update - Reopening information unavailable at this time.

We are working on reopening as soon as possible. Many changes are being implemented at this time. Below is a short list of what we are working on to better serve you, & to keep all of us safe, & comfortable. Thank you for your continued patience. Information will be provided as it becomes available.

*New ways to schedule/change/cancel appointments online

*Prepay online options

*No contact intake forms (forms will all be available online, &/or emailed)

*New services

*New amazing employees to help with growing clientele 

*Exclusive VIP member services

...and much more!

Masks will be required in all shared spaces, & waiting room area. If you have a medical condition that prevents you from wearing a mask in these areas, please advise us before your appointment, so we can accommodate your special needs. We strive to make sure EVERYONE feels safe during this pandemic.

Covid-19 protocols will be in place, & enforced.


August Update - Reopening information delayed

Unfortunately the reopening information has been delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. Thank you for your continued patience as I try to reopen as soon as possible, & get that information to you. Please be advised existing clients with outstanding packages will be contacted directly once reopening information, & scheduling guidelines become available. Thank you.

July update

Reopening information will be posted August 1, 2020. Thank you for your patience! 

Please read below for policy on refunds during this pandemic.

May update

As most of you heard (I heard along with you) massage is allowed to reopen Friday the 15th. With that reopening comes many policy & procedure changes, rules to follow, supplies to stock, equipment to get, & remodeling the studio for a safe opening, before we are actually allowed to open our individual doors. With such short notice, & just seeing all we need to do, change, get, etc.. Plus, figuring out new schedule changes, along with personal business needing to be taken care of as well, I will NOT be opening Friday. 

My reopening will happen, just not as quickly as this restart is taking place. The health & well being of myself, my family, & all of you is my number one concern. I will reopen when I feel my business is set up & ready to operate safely again. Thank you for your patience, & I will post updates as they become available. Please feel free to reach out with questions through here, or email me at

Stay healthy. God bless.


March 2020 Update

Jersey Relief Massage will be temporarily closed. This extremely difficult decision has not been made with ease. I have been researching, speaking with Doctors (including my own), checking CDC guidelines, & with Governor DeWines constant closure of businesses to help limit the spread of this virus, I know that this is the absolute right decision at this time. Massage has no room for the physical distancing required to help stop the spread of this virus. Even with all my extreme measures taken, & obsessive cleaning, massage is literally all about touch, & close contact for extended periods of time. Though, many are healthy, & this virus will be of no concern, so many including some of my own family members, cannot handle exposure. We can be carriers before/without even being sick, & that possible exposure could mean another person's life. Yes, it is possible to be exposed anywhere, but I cannot allow exposure to happen on my watch, in my studio. I hope you understand, & support my decision to keep you all safe, & for me to take the steps needed to keep myself, my daughter, & my family safe at this time.

This is only a temporary situation, & I expect wholeheartedly to have you all back in the studio as soon as possible. As of now, I do not have a date for that to happen. All we can do is pray (if that's your thing), & hope for the best. I believe these extreme measures are necessary to keep people safe.

My facebook page Jersey Relief - Massage by Andrea will be updated throughout this situation, so feel free to like my page & stay updated. Also, I will update my website with information on what this means for you, & what will be expected. Please check back For updates.

My business is temporarily closed as of today March 17, 2020, so please direct questions by email or through the website/fb pages only. 

I will not be answering any calls, or text messages during this temporary closure, so please do not call or send messages, as I need to give my daughter my full attention at this time. I will answer emails at my earliest convenience. I am truly sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you, as I think everything right now is inconvenient for all of us. I wish you all good health, & will keep you, and your families in my prayers at this time. Thank you for your continued business, & understanding.

*Please check back often for important information & updates. Thank you*


Important Information about Gift Certificates!

**Gift Certificates for both massage services and R+F skin care products can only be redeemed in studio at Jersey Relief - Massage by Andrea. Gift certificates purchased for R+F products is not a company wide promotion. It is only offered by Jersey Relief - Massage by Andrea and can only be redeemed at Jersey Relief - Massage by Andrea. Please ask for more details and restrictions**

Full price Massage packages & Sale massage packages are nonrefundable. No exceptions.


We are constantly updating the website, so please check back often. As always, you can join our mailing list to stay up to date.

Due to the extremely discounted rates on packages there are NO REFUNDS. No exceptions. All sales are final on packages. Please consider this before you purchase any packages.


During Covid 19 pandemic only:

Cancellation charges/fees apply to all canceled services, & canceled massage packages. Canceled single services will be charged a $25 cancellation fee. Massage packages will be charged a $100 cancellation fee.

***Client/customer is responsible for paying full price services on any session(s) used on any canceled massage package, along with paying a cancelation fee ($100). The discounted rate on massage packages is, was, and always will be only good on packages purchased, kept, & used in full. Services used from packages purchased will be charged full price if a package is canceled. You will not be refunded any money if you have used services equal to, or greater than what the individual full priced services used would amount to compared to what your discounted massage package rate was at the time of purchase, plus additional cancelation fees would apply. This is to protect my business from individuals who take advantage of the extremely discounted rates on packages just to get cheaper individual services, use them, & then want a refund for any unused sessions. You purchased a package, not discounted individual sessions. Bonus massage sessions added to packages at time of purchase have no money value, were a free added gift, and will not be refunded for any reason. You forfeit the bonus massages if your package is canceled. I understand these are unprecedented times, and I will do my best to work with each person, but my policies/procedures are in place to protect my business.***